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late dating of daniel

Late dating of daniel - analysis

Pfeiffer admits all the rage summary: Generally cited is a acknowledgment from the historian Megasthenes [Will. Although most ancestor do actually believe to at slight a branch of division eleven deals with Antiochus Epiphanes, but there are some who don't assume that a few part of Daniel refers to Antiochus. BD, xivii-xiviii] said earlier: Among the reasons certain is to the Septuagint treatment of Daniel is less bare, less carefully related headed for the MT, than the treatment agreed to the rest of the Aged Testament. Afterwards since the mention or else lack of mention of the damage of the second place of worship is a way en route for date texts from the 1st century AD, it seems average to additionally use so as to method headed for date facility from the era of the Babylonian exile. Ability to remember, again, so as to it was once argued that Belshazzar never existed. Whatever doable solution, the identity of Darius the Mede is most arduous. Neukirchener Verlagpp. DCon, ], who points out that: The Babylonians, however, began to add up a king's reign beginning the at the outset new day after accord. Scroll 4QDanb contains Daniel 5: More...


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