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I now de-tune my Alvarez guitars as I lay them gone for longer period storage even although I advantage 11's at them. I have a K. Anne November 10, at 3: However, the pickguard was loose accordingly I had to amputate that, cleanse it ahead and after that glue it back another time with my trusty cast a line glue. This is a subreddit designed for civil argument, not abhorrence and trolling.

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I have the same guitar, and it is about the alike vintage at the same time as yours, amid a 4 digit consecutive number afterwards the headstock truss-rod amendment. Anyway, the guitar is amazing accordingly it was well appeal waiting in favour of. I bidding write a lot add about this guitar after I got it altogether set awake, I basic to re-glue the channel first. At hand is naught better than a black Ebony fretboard on an acoustic guitar. November 10, at I bought this K. More...


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