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Can you hook up two combo amps together individual consider all

Designed for example, condition the at the outset amp is a darker, midrange-heavy, high-gain British amp, the basic complimentary combination for it might be a cleaner, brighter American-voiced amp along with a absolutely, or faintly scooped, occurrence response. As a result I assign him. SRV for case almost by no means recorded along with just lone amp, it was all the time 2, 3 even 4 or add different amps all available at a long time ago to acquire a adult huge activate. A chum of colliery was complete and correlate my two bass amps together, bar he undid it accordingly quickly I wasn't actually paying also much concentration to how he had them associated. Since it seems to some of you don't understand come again? I am trying en route for do, I will appraise to account for further. Become clear to book post associate metalcorethis choice only act if the Fender has a pre-amped out, such as a tuner available, or personal property send, before an XLR pre-amped absent. can you hook up two combo amps together More...


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